Leg One Map

Leg 1 – The Ridge – 21 km

After an early start in St Paul, you head to the shore of Upper Therien Lake, from there you will head cross country until you reach the Iron Horse Trail. Waiting for you down the trail is the infamous ”Ridge”. The Ridge consists of steep rolling hills in which even the most experience runner’s will find challenging. This leg consist of gravel trail and dirt /grass paths. We moved this leg to the start so that the runners can experience the beauty of “The Ridge” in the daylight.

Iron Horse Trail – approx. 20%
Dirt and Grass Trail -approx. 65%
Other* – approx. -15%

Other* – may consist of highway crossings, streets, creek crossings, gravel pits and etc



Download the Google Earth Route for Leg 1

*Note: The elevation change of 158 meter is displayed over 21 km which gives a steeper appearance than it actually is (although by Leg 8 it will feel this steep).