Leg Five Map

Leg 5 – Lindbergh Express – 15 km (for 100 mile soloist and 100 mile relay teams only)

From the Fort George/Buckingham check pt. you will head past The Lindbergh Salt Plant and the scenic hamlet of Riverview, ending up in the friendly  town of Lindbergh.  It’s not the hardest leg but the time you spend on the gravel Iron Horse trail will cause you some difficulties.

Dirt and Grass Trail -approx.15%
Iron Horse Trail – approx. 70%
Gravel Roads -approx. 10%
Other* – approx. – 5%

Other* – may consist of highway crossings, streets, creek crossings, gravel pits and etc.


Download the Google Earth Route for Leg 5

*Note: The elevation change of 179 meter is displayed over 15 km which gives a steeper appearance than it actually is (although by Leg 8 it will feel this steep).